We all have the same issues with the standard axle boots. Due to the surfaces we run our Baja's on they get punctured of even ripped, causing fine dust and sand to enter the joints. This is the main reason for dogbone and drivecup failure, both of them being parts that are pricey and time consuming to replace. The biggest reason for the standard boots wearing out and failing is the stress caused by the rotation, grinding sand, shells and tiny rocks through the material.

Another rather big problem is running in tall grass, spooling up around the axles. Every grass runner will be familiar with the extra friction this causes and the tediousness of cleaning your axles after your runs.

Hemistorm's HemiBoots take care of all of these problems. These are the first NON rotating axleboots to hit the Baja market. They replace the stock axleboots, and provide all the protection you ever wanted for your drivetrain set up. Since they do not rotate, they will not be dealing with the same wear as the standard boots. Drivecups, driveshafts and differential bearings are all very well protected and therefor have a much longer lifespan. The HemiBoots are tough enough to handle any type of surface you run them on.

Installation is simple and done in a matter of minutes, clear installation instructions are provided on the back of the package. HemiBoots consist of three parts on each side of the transmission box. A hard plastic connector, which clicks on the side of the transmission, a hard plastic ring that is to be glued in the hubcarrier, and a boot made from a heavy duty rubbercomponent, that seals around both ends, making sure no unwanted stuff will get in your drivecups ever again.

NOTE: Running Hemiboots combined with the HPI 5T or RTR V2 arms causes clearance issues due to the shock touching the rubber, using HemiRisers takes care of this matter and will allow for compatibility. Drivecups reinforced with a ring will not fit the HemiBoots. DarkSoul Toobz are specifically designed to work with HemiBoots and will reinforce the stock drivecups.