The HemiRisers are machined alloy spacers that slide over the shock bottom of the shockshaft. The collar on the shock bottom is copied so the shock assembly will remain the same.

HemiRisers will allow people running a heavy Baja to put more preload on their springs, to avoid the rear hitting the ground when jumping. The added preload is 12 mm, meaning you can leave your shock adjustment collar all the way at the top when running base settings. The HemiRisers are an excellent option for beach running and rough surfaces, where you want as much ground clearance as possible. The HemiRisers also strengthen the shock bottoms, making them less likely to snap or break.

HemiRisers also enables the use of HemiBoots on Baja's with Version 2.0 stock lower A-arms. The lower spring retainer tended to touch the HemiBoot, causing clearance issues. HemiRisers eliminate all compatibility issues and if you prefer not to change the actual ride height you're still able to use the stock settings as suggested by HPI.