The MaxHex is a new style brake hex. The original hex wears out pretty fast, because it is made from a low quality aluminium. The stock setup with the plastic retainer ring is not compatible with the Turtle rear top plate, the ring has to be taken off and by doing so there is a lot more room for the discs to move around. As a result the discs might fall off, especially on rides running a triple brake pad conversion. The reason for this is the symmetrical shape of the hex. When the discs fall off at high speed it locks up the complete drivetrain. This will cause ruined discs, pads and barakehexes and even twisted dogbones. Significant damage due to a simple flaw.

This MaxHex will prevent this from happening ever again. The MaxHex is machined from 7075 grade aluminium, and has two machined on rings. The bigger ring will keep the discs from falling off at the transmission side, a wider hex surface (+2mm) will ensure the discs don't get locked between the hex and the gearplate. The smaller ring fits against the gearplate bearing, providing a nice seal. When running a stock gearplate the seal is complete, when you're running a Turtle racing gearplate the MaxHex still enables the use of the bearing retaining screw Turtle provides with their gearplate.

Installation is straight forward and done in a matter of minutes.