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We all have the same issues with the standard axle boots. Due to the surfaces we run our Baja's on they get punctured of even ripped, causing fine dust and sand to enter the joints. This is the main reason for dogbone and drivecup failure, both of them being parts that are pricey and time consuming to replace. The biggest reason for the standard boots wearing out and failing is the stress caused by the rotation, grinding sand, shells and tiny rocks through the material.

Another rather big problem is running in tall grass, spooling up around the axles. Every grass runner will be familiar with the extra friction this causes and the tediousness of cleaning your axles after your runs.

Hemistorm's HemiBoots take care of all of these problems. These are the first NON rotating axleboots to hit the Baja market. They replace the stock axleboots, and provide all the protection you ever wanted for your drivetrain set up. Since they do not rotate, they will not be dealing with the same wear as the standard boots. Drivecups, driveshafts and differential bearings are all very well protected and therefor have a much longer lifespan. The HemiBoots are tough enough to handle any type of surface you run them on.

Installation is simple and done in a matter of minutes, clear installation instructions are provided on the back of the package. HemiBoots consist of three parts on each side of the transmission box. A hard plastic connector, which clicks on the side of the transmission, a hard plastic ring that is to be glued in the hubcarrier, and a boot made from a heavy duty rubbercomponent, that seals around both ends, making sure no unwanted stuff will get in your drivecups ever again.

NOTE: Running Hemiboots combined with the HPI 5T or RTR V2 arms causes clearance issues due to the shock touching the rubber, using HemiRisers takes care of this matter and will allow for compatibility. Drivecups reinforced with a ring will not fit the HemiBoots. DarkSoul Toobz are specifically designed to work with HemiBoots and will reinforce the stock drivecups.

Rear Cross Brace

We are proud to introduce the HemiStorm CrossPlate. The stock crossbar threads strip out easily, and the replacement parts available don't offer a lot of additional benefits. Hence the development and now introduction of the CrossPlate.

The HemiStorm CrossPlate stiffens up your HPI Baja 5B 5T Roll Cage. Simply bolts to the stock cross bars mounts. The CrossPlate will reduce the diagonal flex in your roll cage that may expose vulnerable parts during a roll over. Machined from 7075 grade aluminium, and comes with the HemiStorm logo engraved in the rear section. The CrossPlate will come with all needed fixture screws.


The MaxHex is a new style brake hex. The original hex wears out pretty fast, because it is made from a low quality aluminium. The stock setup with the plastic retainer ring is not compatible with the Turtle rear top plate, the ring has to be taken off and by doing so there is a lot more room for the discs to move around. As a result the discs might fall off, especially on rides running a triple brake pad conversion. The reason for this is the symmetrical shape of the hex. When the discs fall off at high speed it locks up the complete drivetrain. This will cause ruined discs, pads and barakehexes and even twisted dogbones. Significant damage due to a simple flaw.

This MaxHex will prevent this from happening ever again. The MaxHex is machined from 7075 grade aluminium, and has two machined on rings. The bigger ring will keep the discs from falling off at the transmission side, a wider hex surface (+2mm) will ensure the discs don't get locked between the hex and the gearplate. The smaller ring fits against the gearplate bearing, providing a nice seal. When running a stock gearplate the seal is complete, when you're running a Turtle racing gearplate the MaxHex still enables the use of the bearing retaining screw Turtle provides with their gearplate.

Installation is straight forward and done in a matter of minutes.


The HemiRisers are machined alloy spacers that slide over the shock bottom of the shockshaft. The collar on the shock bottom is copied so the shock assembly will remain the same.

HemiRisers will allow people running a heavy Baja to put more preload on their springs, to avoid the rear hitting the ground when jumping. The added preload is 12 mm, meaning you can leave your shock adjustment collar all the way at the top when running base settings. The HemiRisers are an excellent option for beach running and rough surfaces, where you want as much ground clearance as possible. The HemiRisers also strengthen the shock bottoms, making them less likely to snap or break.

HemiRisers also enables the use of HemiBoots on Baja's with Version 2.0 stock lower A-arms. The lower spring retainer tended to touch the HemiBoot, causing clearance issues. HemiRisers eliminate all compatibility issues and if you prefer not to change the actual ride height you're still able to use the stock settings as suggested by HPI.



Hemistorm's HemiCuffs are reinforcing spacers, intended for use on the upper rear A-arm. These are the ultimate tierod protectors, they eliminate all the stress that is put on the tierods during hard landings or rollovers. The HemiCuffs will allow for camber adjustments. Their standard spacing is 11 mm. If you desire larger spacing you can simply achieve this by dropping some shims in the cylinder shaped end. That way you can set up your ride as you wish without compromized the looks. The HemiCuffs are machined from 7075 grade aluminium and will hold up to a severe beating.

Installation is straight forward and done in a matter of minutes.

TR Diff Adapters

Owners of HemiBoots who want to be able to run their gear on the Turtle Racing quick diff alloy gearbox, can no do so by using the all new HemiBoots Adapters. These allow you to combine the non rotating HemiBoots with the aluminium gearbox designed by Turtle. There's a small lipped edge machined to the rings, which will slot in a recess of the Quick Diff gearbox. The rings will stay in place no matter what and will both accomodate the DarkSoul Toobz and the latest Phatdad ringless drivecups.

Installation is done in matter of minutes.